Privacy Statement

Important Notice:
How We Use and Protect Your Personal Information

Dear Valued Customer:

Sublimity Insurance Company shares your concerns about privacy. We understand you want to know how we treat the personal information that we obtain from you or other sources in the course of providing you with products and services. As a Sublimity customer, you may be wondering

  • What kind of personal information do we have about you, and where did we get it?
  • What do we do with the personal information we have collected about you?
  • How do we protect that information?
  • How can you find out what information we have about you?

We hope this notice will help answer those questions. We want you to know that we respect the privacy of our customers. It is important for customers to be aware that Sublimity is not a member of a direct marketing association. Sublimity does not sell its mailing/phone lists to third party vendors. If Sublimity does solicit any product or service from an outside source, Sublimity keeps strict controls over the types of solicitation.

After reading this notice, if you are comfortable with Sublimity's handling of information we collect, you do not need to take any action at this time.

What kind of personal information do we have about you, and where did we get it?

Much of the personal information that we have about you comes directly from you. You disclosed much of this information to us on your application or request for insurance or other products we offer. We may contact you by telephone or mail for additional information. We also keep information about the types of products and services you purchase from us, as well as account balances and payment history.

Depending on the nature of the transaction you are completing with us, you may be required to provide Sublimity, our affiliates, agencies, or other entities working on Sublimity's behalf with information. That information may include, for example, your name, address, birthdate, phone number, health information, E-mail address, the types and numbers of the policies you hold, mothers maiden name, Social Security number, credit card information, driver's license number, accident/violation history, information about vehicle operators, mortgages, lien/lease holders, or vehicle information. We may also collect information from our website such as your activity while using our site and information from online collecting devices known as "cookies".

We may also collect information from outside sources including consumer reporting agencies and health care providers. This information includes loss information reports, motor vehicle reports, credit reports, and medical information.

What do we do with the personal information we have collected about you?

Sublimity Insurance Company does not disclose any of your personal information, or your medical information, to companies or organizations not affiliated with us that would use the information we have provided to contact you about their own products and services.

Your agent or broker may use your personal information in his or her files for marketing purposes or to help you with your overall insurance program. We may use your personal information to communicate with you about products, features and options you have expressed an interest in or that we believe may be of interest to you. In addition, we may, as permitted by law and without your prior permission, provide personal information about you contained in our records or files to persons or organizations such as:

  • Persons who perform a business function for us,
  • Your agent or broker,
  • Insurance support organizations,
  • Other insurance companies in order to perform their role
    in an insurance transaction involving you,
  • Independent claim adjusters,
  • Businesses with whom we have a marketing agreement,
  • Businesses that conduct actuarial or research studies,
  • Regulatory or law-enforcement authorities,
  • Our affiliated companies,
  • Persons requesting information pursuant to subpoena or court order, and
  • Repair shops and recommended vendors.

How do we protect your personal information?

When we share personal information with companies working on Sublimity's behalf, we protect that personal information where required by law with a confidentiality agreement that obligates those companies to conform to our standards and keep confidential any information that we give them about you. Within Sublimity Insurance Company, your personal information is available to those individuals who may need to see it to fulfill and service the needs of Sublimity customers. In addition, we communicate regarding the need to protect your information to those individuals who have access to it, and we've established physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information. Finally, should your relationship with Sublimity Insurance Company end, your personal information will remain protected in accordance with our privacy practices as outlined in this Important Notice.

How can you find out what information we have about you?

You may request to either see, or obtain from us by mail, the personal information about you in our records. If you believe the personal information we have about you in our records is incomplete or inaccurate, you may request that we make any necessary corrections, additions or deletions to the disputed personal information. We may make arrangements with an insurance support organization or a consumer reporting agency to copy and disclose personal information to you on our behalf. You may also request a more complete description of the persons to whom we disclose personal information about you, or the circumstances that might warrant such disclosures.

If you prefer that Sublimity not share information about you, you may restrict information sharing (other than those disclosures permitted by law). Such an election means you "opt out" of information sharing. It is important to understand that an election to opt out of information sharing does not prohibit Sublimity from contacting you about additional products or services. It only restricts the sharing of information with unaffiliated third parties.

To request further information, or to "opt out", you may send a request in writing to: Sublimity Insurance Company, Customer Privacy Inquiries, PO Box 219, Sublimity, OR 97385-0219.

We hope you found this Important Notice helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your agent or Sublimity Insurance Company at 1-800-424-2491.


Andrew L. Trower
Sublimity Insurance Company