Make your payment online!We offer a wide variety of payment options to accommodate your needs and your budget.

Automatic Withdrawal –

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - EFT lets you pay your insurance premiums directly from a financial institution account of your choice, without the need for a check. When you sign up for EFT payments, you authorize Sublimity Insurance to withdraw monthly payments from your bank account to pay your policy premium. Once you sign up, you don’t have to do anything else. Payments will be made automatically from your designated account.

Note – our EFT option is free. No service fee, no stamps, no envelopes!

Click here to print EFT Authorization Form.

Customer Choice Payments –

You may pay as much, or as little, of the remaining balance as you wish, as long as you pay the minimum payment indicated on the bill. There is a $5 service fee for this paper billing payment option.

  • Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card –
    accepted creditcards

    At any time during the billing cycle you may use any of the cards to pay the remaining premium balance or the minimum amount due.

  • Mortgagee Billed Policies –

    We will bill your mortgagee directly if you have your property premiums impounded.

  • Combined Policy Billing –

    You can choose to have some or all of your Sublimity policies combined onto one convenient bill.

  • Multiple Policy Dates –

    Unlike many companies, we do not require policies to have the same effective / expiration dates in order to be combined onto one bill. Choose the inception / expiration dates that work for you!