Sublimity Insurance Company

Your personal insurance professionals at Sublimity Insurance Company know you've worked hard for the things you own. You take pride in your home, your cars and your other possessions. Our goal is to protect the financial stake you've made in your life with comprehensive insurance coverage, tailored to fit your specific needs. Although we're a small company located in a small town, we have provided security and protection for our customers for over 100 years. We take great pride in providing the very best service available, at a competitive price.

Kevin Lucke, CPCU, AIM,
Phone: 503-769-3900
Fax: 503-769-2114

Eric Cutler, CPCU, CIC
Senior Vice President, Underwriting and Marketing
Phone: 503-769-3919
Fax: 503-769-1209

Mike Rasmussen
Vice President, Claims
Phone: 503-769-3912
Fax: 503-769-7541